monday.. use to be a day That I was looking forward every week, go bac kto the office with full of challenge !, new things… the companion of the colleages….
but not nowadays… I don’t look forward to anymore… only look forward to the Friday or holiday… can stay at home play with my baby…..
maybe is the people around me that caused this….
maybe I love my baby?
maybe I am getting old?
maybe I changed?
yesterday is the 14th Day of the 7th month… the Ghost Month….  give offering to the "hengTai"…
dear "hengTai" can you really help me to get rich, and not to worry much of $$$?
and one more noticeable item yesterday.. the Malaysia leaque of "ChanHoYatTing" the fat fat group actually copied the Japanese Dancing act… and copiedbadly some more… shame on them……
see the ori at the below…

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