WHY HP Should not be worry about the apple ipad

by benperlee , posted January 28th, 2010 8:50 pm

I bet you were like me on Wednesday morning, waiting in anticipation for what Steve Jobs and Apple was gearing up to show off. I mean, Apple certainly knows how to build hype and create a product. Everyone was expecting a tablet, and well, that’s exactly what we got. Sort of. You see, what we got was a large version of the iPhone or iPod Touch. That’s great, but it’s such a closed, defined experience. And expensive. What I’m getting at, is that while people have been saying that the iPad is going to revolutionize the way we do computing, the thing is it doesn’t. It creates an experience where the user is under the control of Apple and their approved developers. It’s a beautiful locked down experience.

That’s HP has nothing to worry about with their own Slate. While we have not seen much with the device, much of what the iPad can do, it looks like the Slate can do. Running off a version of Windows 7, there’s an open environment for users to create and do, to run as they please. It’s something that Apple fans may not be able to relate to, but being able to run any software that they want, and do what they want with their own computer, well, there is something free and uplifting with that. If HP can show people that the Slate can do the same as an iPad, and then more, due to it’s own flexibility, well, HP shouldn’t have anything to worry about. This year, when I buy a tablet, I know which one I’m getting.


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