Windows 7 Phone.. HTC hd7 .. is time iPHONE 4 retire!

finally, betrayed……
betreyed the old faithful iPAQ….
the iPHONE 2G,3G & 4G….
betreyed the recent upgraded xperia x10 andriod 2.1 return to the darkside the winMO…

Day minus2,
gotten the HD7 from a friend work in the Distributor by getting HTC CM to press for price…..
SMSes damn paiseh…… thanks SK

Day 0
So happy gotten the unit, driving also can not help playing & checking it out like stripping a girl clothes…. woooo… and driving… you know what i mean.

retrive my Celcom SIM out from the Sony Xperiax10 (sorry just bought a case yesterday, now this will go into retiring service)
zapped into the HD7, wah la, no setting required, just punch in the Windows Live ID, facebook ID and few other like outlook Exchange , Gmail ,foursquare, changed the locale to US, and all is on the fly !!!

Can Stop zipping in & out with the phone…..still checking it out inside out….. ( as my most anticipated toy for the year), not because of HTC.. is because of the Win7Phone.. been using the ZUNE HD for years, always see this coming… it would be good that ZUNE has it’s own Phone…..

Day 1
start to load in the Music, Photos, PODcast & movie…. 16G, plenty space to load in….
realised that music & photo going in pretty fast, but the movies need conversion, ooh damn , my centrino nb is crawling… (is time for something new that coming soon…)
Syncro the exchange server, all do it OVA! Address , Email, FB everything !! walao !

only 12 hrs of usage from 2pm to about 2am , 500MB consumed from the 3G broadband, wow ! this baby really suck up data !

Day 2..
merging all facebook, Outlook, Live messenger contact in to 1, (is a good time to Clean up contacts)
link up the Twitter, FB, 4Square.. excited !very excited !
supprise !photo online is also sync in to the photo apps, FB, live & Skydrive all in !! flickr & photobucket uses the app to sync up.

I feel so naked!! all status and info is exposed !! FourSquare, FB, live Twitter
can see everyone what is happening, News, posts, Photos bla bla bla !



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