Evangelion “you are not alone” 1.11 Kaiyodo Revoltech EX pack

For all the Eva Fans outside there, The Eva 1.11 you are not alone mechas is now pack in the EXpack in the revoltech, only saw 1 in Kuching, didnot see anyone in KL carrying that ……
Jap running at 8500 yen approx 320RM…

great deal ! in evil bay running price at USD169++

invent or Re-invent?

Was having this conversaion with some friends and industry buddies, sometime but I believe mos of the time we do not need to always invent new thing, crack our head for new ideas & new breakthru, instead we should look at what has made the company successful, look back on the product & offering available at time that blow people away, use the platform , re-discover it and re-invent it again!

for somehow, I really wan to see the revival of the omnibook 800 series (see pic) , the product has been discontinued for decade, but the platform and design of the product is really one of it’s kind, pop ou mouse, classic profile keyboard.
with the Netbook Size, full notebook computing power, flexibility , this is a WOW
at the moment the item still go on sale on ebay with a whooping USD199 !!

I am pretty sure that if we use the same concept and with today’s technolgy, the product will have a complete new breath ! that’s what I call look back and re-invent

the other product that really will bring some good old nostagic memory with a new touch is the hp 01 (see pic) , hp01

a wrist watch with computing power as a calculator, if hp could look in to re-invent this it could be a good rival and good running for it money for the ipod nano (see pic)

The hp01 is the james bond’s gadget of it’s time, I strongly believe hp can do it, with some focus & heart this will be diffrent !

some of the great design of products and concept that hp had had in the pass, sure can do it again with it and with the acceptance of usage behaiviour , 1 great example is the Tablet PC TC1100, with the full complete tablet function, that hp already have the product nearlt 10 years ago, that is a great platform for a webpad the iPAD or the driodpads, why need to invent again ? just re-invent !

iPAD?? HP has it 8 years ago to be precise !