Waze finally on Windows Phone

instagram-waze-wp8After the long wait, seeing and envy the androids & IOS using one of the most useful apps in their platform, and now WAZE is available in Windows Phone 8 !


Microsoft, the company announced the arrival of possibly the app that every Windows Phone 8 user had been waiting for: Instagram. A few hours later, Microsoft also announced that popular GPS navigation app, Waze, is now also available for the platform. Two new apps that already exist on other platforms may not sound like much, but for Microsoft and its WP8 ecosystem.


Xbox One White Color (MS employee version)

Exclusive to the MS employees that involved with the Xbox one, exclusive gift from Microsoft to them, while the rest of the world getting black color, however the kinnect will still be black color I guess it will show up the ebay soon enough..

also include a thank you note to them.


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員工獨享,呢個真係身份象徵!Xbox One暫時得黑色,而且睇佢都唔興出其他色,但呢部白色機,就係專送俾製作團隊嘅。有員工就趁今日主機開賣放咗開箱相上網,白色除咗靚啲型啲外,隨盒仲有一張心意卡,大意係代Xbox One fans多謝佢哋嘅努力!BTW,雖然手掣都係白色,但Kinect係黑色嘅。

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zero Amazon Japan Version..

Beside the KonamiStyle Edition, there will be another edition.. Amazon Japan edition feature the Kaiyado Revoltech naked snake, the bundle of the snake is different from the released retail version of the Revoltech No.131 Snake. diffrent in the accesories , NightVision Goggle, new SMG, 

Bundle Version of Revoltech Snake

Retail Revoltech No.131 Snake


schduled Spring 2014 , xbox360, PS3

 & PS4, suggested price @ 84

80Yen before tax

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SEGA Saturn is 19th Years old November 22th ! Happy Birthday !!


It’s has been 19 years, my first VCD player and my first 32bit console, loading with the DISC , playing non stop with the SEGA Rally, Daytona, … Street fighters…, never was a PS fan, it’s like when I am in the SEGA camp and refuse to join the PS clans….

It should be the first consile with so many variations of colors and refresh design…

those day , paid RM1500 for the console was really a bomb !

11月22日就係世嘉Saturn。呢部當年同PS抗衡嘅主機,唔覺唔覺已經推出咗19年。當年除咗日立嘅Saturn外,仲有一部JVC出嘅V Saturn,兩部嘅分別就係前者要加卡先睇到VCD,而後者就本身睇到,仲有!原來當年V Saturn定價44,800円,堅貴喎!入嚟可以睇番當年嘅廣告,好前衛呀!



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城市游牧 Fun-君部落 FUN CityNomad , How the name comes about?

well, I gotta to admit, the name is not original,  that i borrowed the nick from my friend in HK, as posted in his facebook as Fun-君, one day when i was in HK, mt friend mentioned, one of our friend being nick named as 阍君;閽君 (FunGuan) literally means useless king…

but instead it really meant FUN君 means FUN King !, and I like it very much, so i borrowed it without asking…..and I am going to make it meaningful

Credit goes to

Kenny CHAN ;https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=774722089&fref=ts