LEXUS Advertisement Amazing in Motion – SWARM

LEXUS 利用遙控機器人拍出超炫廣告!
Swarm’ is the result of cutting edge technology combined with imagination and

Executed in collaboration with KMel robotics, and directed by Sam Brown, Swarm’ takes advanced quadrotor technology out of the testing laboratory and into the real world, to produce a dramatic and engaging story. These unique quadrotors were inspired by the design and material principles of Lexus and constructed to an incredible level of detail and precision. Advanced motion capture camera technology is then used to programme the complex movement paths of each quadrotor, resulting in the stunning movement patterns seen in the film.

‘Swarm’ is the second Amazing in Motion project from Lexus. Visit to experience the full story behind ‘Swarm’ and to see the first Amazing in Motion project ‘Steps’.

日本知名高級轎車品牌LEXUS ,近日推出了一個令人驚豔不已的電視廣告「Amazing in Motion – SWARM」,引起全球許多網友的熱烈討論與迴響。我們先來看看這一部精彩的廣告影片吧!~

廣告中,一群飛行機器人趁著夜晚出來玩耍,充滿好奇心、玩心,就像是孩童一樣的生動模樣,令人聯想起就像是皮克斯經典的動畫電影「瓦力」以及「玩具總動員」那樣的動畫… 但實際上,廣告影片中出現的機器人並不是CG,而是真實打造出的遙控機器人!

導演Sam Brown 特別找到了知名的飛行機器人開發公司KMel Robotics 合作,使用3D 列表機製作出了外型,並設計內部構造。在動態方面,則是利用精密的程式控制了機器人的動態,以及規劃飛行路線,藉由動態感應器的紅外線每秒發出100 回訊號,讓機器人能夠控制自己的位置。KMel Robotics 公開了這一個精彩的廣告影片幕後花絮,有興趣的玩具人請務必一看,相當地精彩!


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