SEGA Saturn is 19th Years old November 22th ! Happy Birthday !!


It’s has been 19 years, my first VCD player and my first 32bit console, loading with the DISC , playing non stop with the SEGA Rally, Daytona, … Street fighters…, never was a PS fan, it’s like when I am in the SEGA camp and refuse to join the PS clans….

It should be the first consile with so many variations of colors and refresh design…

those day , paid RM1500 for the console was really a bomb !

11月22日就係世嘉Saturn。呢部當年同PS抗衡嘅主機,唔覺唔覺已經推出咗19年。當年除咗日立嘅Saturn外,仲有一部JVC出嘅V Saturn,兩部嘅分別就係前者要加卡先睇到VCD,而後者就本身睇到,仲有!原來當年V Saturn定價44,800円,堅貴喎!入嚟可以睇番當年嘅廣告,好前衛呀!





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