Xbox One White Color (MS employee version)

Exclusive to the MS employees that involved with the Xbox one, exclusive gift from Microsoft to them, while the rest of the world getting black color, however the kinnect will still be black color I guess it will show up the ebay soon enough..

also include a thank you note to them.


ku-xlarge (5)ku-xlarge (4)

ku-xlarge (3)

ku-xlarge (8)ku-xlarge (2)

員工獨享,呢個真係身份象徵!Xbox One暫時得黑色,而且睇佢都唔興出其他色,但呢部白色機,就係專送俾製作團隊嘅。有員工就趁今日主機開賣放咗開箱相上網,白色除咗靚啲型啲外,隨盒仲有一張心意卡,大意係代Xbox One fans多謝佢哋嘅努力!BTW,雖然手掣都係白色,但Kinect係黑色嘅。


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