NEW TERMinology : Marshmallow Girl

NEW TERMinology : Marshmallow Girl

Girls today consider thin is FIT, but I do not agree, but too thin without some flesh and fat will not be possible and realistic, especially during winter time,  Japanese girls will have a much higher expectation of being slim and thin.

The picture illustrate the Japanese girls expectation if a “IDEAL” body shape  comparison in ratio, 0% represent the most “IDEAL” and “Normal”. Well,  around us we have a lot of quite meaty and cute girls , they can be quite adorable,  as they should have a cuter name?

The Japanese is very good in coming out with nicknames,  recently in the web, been circulating 「マシュマロ女子」,as it translated as Marshmallow Girl,  my point of view as quite nice, soft and sweet.




日本人呢方面最耍家,近日網絡就有人話叫佢哋做「マシュマロ女子」,即係綿花糖女孩 Marshmallow Girl,OK喎,又甜又軟綿綿嘛。不過日本網民就有啲好刻薄嘅評價……


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