Show Girl 手機收喺邊?Where Show Girls keep their phone when on duty?

電腦展、電玩展、車展等經常都見到打扮性感的 Show Girl 為參展商站台,推介產品、派發紀念品之餘,亦讓龍友可以盡情拍攝。現在人人都手機不離手,究竟 Show Girls 的手機都收藏在哪裡呢?有人就去車展的 Show Girl 做了一次訪問,跳轉去片,睇下手機收喺邊?

Computer Show, GameShow, Car Show, we always can find the traces of the showgirls doing promotions, giving away freebies and such, nowaday, a smartphone is things that we can’t live without, always with us no matter where we go, anyone wonder what type of phone they use? and MOST IMPORTANT WHERE THEY KEEP THEIR PHONE???

Answer : in The Video…


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