Hybrid 吸塵機 可變手機平板後備電源 Hybrid Vacuum Machine With POwerbank

日本​新款 Hybrid 吸塵機  可變手機平板後備電源這部在日本推出的 Panasonic MC-HS700G 內置了可拆除式鋰電池,除了讓用戶在打掃時可以毋須插著插蘇,更加方便之外。遇到停電或天災等突發事件時,鋰電池可以拆出,提供 1 個 USB 輸出,供手機、平板等電子裝置緊急充電。這部吸塵機的其他功能還包括配備 LED 的吸嘴、自動省電模式、壓縮塵埃等功能。吸塵機暫時只在日本發售,售價約 RM2,400

This Vacuum Cleaner by Panasonic is equip with build in removable lithium ion battery, beside allow user to use the vacuum cleaner without need to plug in to the wall plug, increase the convenient index to another level. in case of power outage or disaster, the lithium battery can be remove from the vacuum cleaner and expose the USB slot , allow user to charge the phone, tablet or other USB charge devices.

Other features include LED light suction tip, intelligence power saving mode, too bad it’s only available in Japan today..

Source : http://panasonic.jp/soji/cyclone/mc_hs700g/

日本​新款 Hybrid 吸塵機  可變手機平板後備電源


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