threeA – Metal Gear SOLID Son of Liberty 【Metal Gear RAY】

threeA BAMBALAND 網路商店預購。

這款由美國海軍陸戰隊所設計的兩棲雙足坦克「Metal Gear RAY」採用陶瓷鈦合金(Ceramic-titanium alloy)作為裝甲的材料,僅能乘坐一名駕駛員。身為比Metal Gear REX 更為強大的兵器,「Metal Gear RAY」配備了兩挺的重機槍(Machine guns)、多枚反坦克導彈(Anti-tank missiles)、多枚反艦艇導彈(Anti-ship missiles)、切割水流裝置(Water jet cutter)以及多枚集束導彈(Cluster missiles)。有興趣的玩具人可以欣賞一下threeA 公司為「Metal Gear RAY」所製作的LOOKBOOK 喔!

threeA – Metal Gear RAY
建議售價:美金490.00 元;商品大小:1/48 比例,約長42 公分X 寬38 公分X 高45 公分,兩翼展開後可達48 公分;預購方式:threeA BAMBALAND 網路商店

threeA – Metal Gear RAY
Suggested Selling Price :USD490.00;Product Size:1/48 Scale,approximate L42CM 公分X W38 X H45CM,Wing Span 48CM

Pre-order from  : threeA BAMBALAND  online store

Available from Q3 2014



Designed as an amphibious weapon to meet the standards of the U.S. Marine Corps, Metal Gear RAY was a versatile weapon both on the ground and underwater. Standing over twenty meters tall, the original prototype RAY required a pilot to operate it, after having first undergone VR training.[2] The cockpit controls also acted as a harness of sorts, pressuring the pilot into the seat, to avoid being thrown around. The giant “wings” located on each side of the unit acted as a propulsion device. A tail on the hind end of the unit helped to steer the unit underwater.

RAY’s initial and most prominent armament was a water cutter housed in the mouth, although its power exceeds that of a normal water cutter. Powered by a massive pump, water would be sucked into an internal tank and then expelled as a narrow stream under extremely high pressure. As RAY’s primary weapon, its purpose was to sever and slice almost anything that stood in its way, even dense armor.

Other armaments include gatling gun pods located at the end of each “wing,” a missile pod located on its back capable of firing homing missiles and cluster bombs, and knee-mounted missile pods for ground defense. Metal Gear RAY’s exterior metallic casing and armor is made of a ceramic-titanium alloy for defense against light to medium projectile assault.

Metal Gear RAY had a more organic design than previous models, both in appearance and in function. Its streamlined shape helped to deflect enemy fire and allowed for greater maneuverability both on land and in water. Its interior workings were also somewhat organic, as it had artificial fibers that contracted when electricity was applied, much like natural muscle, instead of typical hydraulics; this pseudo-muscle tissue made it very maneuverable. It also had a nervous-system-like network of conductive nanotubes, which connected the widely dispersed sensor systems and relay commands from the cockpit to the various parts of RAY’s body, automatically bypassing damaged systems and rerouting to auxiliary systems when needed. Another feature was its blood-like armor-repair nanopaste, which was secreted from valves and coagulates wherever the exterior surface was damaged.


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