PS4 X MGS V GroundZero Fox Edition


Kojima Productions have partnered on the first limited edition PS4 console that’ll launch exclusively in Japan on March 20th. This “Fox Edition” PS4 has been crafted to celebrate the launch of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, a copy of which’ll be bundled with the console for 46,980 yen (aroundRM1,515) — the regular console will retail for 41,979 yen (around RM1,350)

Too bad the effort of customization is not that much, no color variation, just a logo of FOX silkscreen on the regular PS4…. but still this will be in my top wanted list !!

How Beer and Coffee Affect Your Brain





For years, companies have provided employees with free coffee, but more and more start ups have also started offering beer to employees as well. While the beer is partially to maintain a casual, happy environment in the office, it also can help foster creativity and improve coworker social connections. So how do beer and coffee affect your brain and which should you drink in a given situation? This infographic by Ryoko Iwata can help explain.

Essentially, while beer can help loosen up your inhibitions and make you more creative, it can also shorten your memory and decrease your focus. On the other hand, coffee provides you with energy and improve your focus. The difference between beer and coffee is the difference between creativity and productivity.

So, when you are trying to come up with a good idea, grab a beer and coffee it up once you have your idea and are ready to get to work.